“The Feline Time Traveler: Meet the 31-Year-Old Cat Defying Age”

Tabby cat Nutmeg, who is a strong contender for the title of the world’s oldest cat, recently marked his 31st birthday, which is equivalent to 141 human years in cat age. Nutmeg, who was welcomed into the home of Liz and Ian Finlay over two decades ago after showing up in their backyard, is described by his humans as a gorgeous feline who rules the household. Liz and Ian took Nutmeg in as a stray in 1990 when he befriended their other cat Spice. They discovered his age to be at least 5 years old when they brought him to Cats Protection for treatment for an abscess on his neck. While Nutmeg could potentially be the oldest cat in the world, proving his age for the Guinness Records is a bit challenging, but they are actively working on it. Following a serious stroke last year, Nutmeg has made a remarkable recovery and appears to be going stronger than ever, leaving everyone amazed at his resilience. According to his humans, Nutmeg is not just a family pet, but rather, they are his humans, and he never lets them forget it. Perhaps this special bond is the key to his long and joyful life. Previously, the title of the world’s oldest cat belonged to Corduroy.


“He is the master of the household, and his beauty is simply breathtaking.”


In 1990, the Finlays welcomed a stray cat into their home after it became friends with their own cat.


The owners were informed that he was already a matured five-year-old when they adopted him.


However, in order to register for the Guinness World Record, The Finlays must provide the necessary official paperwork.


Nutmeg may be getting up there in age, but to the Finlay family, he is more than just a senior cat – he is their beloved furry companion.


“He’s completely pampered… Every day without fail, he strolls in at the crack of dawn and we’re up feeding him.”


After experiencing a major stroke last year, Nutmeg has made an incredible recovery and is back on his feet once more.


It leaves us questioning: just how many times has this cat escaped danger?


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