“A Feline Tale: The Earless Cat’s Journey to Finding Home and Friendship”

Meet Potato!
He is the cutest and most handsome cat without ears that you will ever see!

potato 4

Once a stray cat navigating the bustling streets of China, Potato found his way to an animal shelter where he was given a second chance at life.
Potato was battling ceruminous adenoma in his ear canals and flaps, but thanks to the skilled vets, he received treatment and had the adenoma successfully removed.

potato 2

Fortunately, the adenoma made a comeback, leading to the vet having to take drastic measures by removing Potato’s ear canals and flaps to prevent the disease from recurring. Despite the struggles, Potato is now on the mend and has settled into his forever home with his new buddy, Horlick.

potato 9

Potato now has his very own Instagram profile, and his loving owners have mentioned that he is still able to hear perfectly well!

potato 8

There’s no definite age for Potato since he was a stray before he was adopted, but his owners guess that he’s probably reached about 15 years old.

potato 15

In any case, Potato is absolutely adorable and we are thrilled that he is thriving in a happy and loving environment!

potato 13

He is definitely not afraid of the camera, always ready to show off his best angles!

potato 11

He has a great bond with his best friend, they really click…

potato 1

…filled with lots of snuggles

potato 6

Potato enjoys honing his boxing techniques.

potato 3

One thing that his forever family has certainly observed!

potato boxing

He is definitely a mischievous little feline.

potato 10

He finds himself in a dilemma trying to choose between beating his high score in gaming or relaxing with his preferred Netflix show!

potato 14

Potato is an expert when it comes to grooming, with top-notch skills that are hard to beat.

potato 12

However, his favorite pastime is hanging out with Horlick.

potato 5

His Instagram account boasts an impressive 151,000 followers… Overall, we find him absolutely delightful.

potato 7

Be sure to watch the video below:
NEWSFLASH: Potato is actually 15 years young, not 9 as previously stated in the video – can you believe it? He’s looking mighty fine for his age!
For more adorable snaps of Potato and Horlick, head on over to their Instagram page.

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