“Bazooka’s Transformation: How Meeting a Marathon Runner Changed the Life of an Overweight Cat”

Allow us to introduce you to the adorable and fluffy feline known as Bazooka. Sporting a striking orange tabby coat, this five-year-old cat found himself in a shelter after his elderly owner passed away. Suffering from dementia, the previous owner often forgot when he last fed Bazooka, resulting in the kitty’s hefty weight of over 35 pounds (approximately 16 kilograms)! Despite this, it’s important to remember that the owner had nothing but love for Bazooka, always ensuring his bowl was full. Let’s show some understanding and compassion for both Bazooka and his caring previous owner. For more cute pics and updates, be sure to check him out on Facebook, Instagram, and his Facebook Fan Page.

The chubby cat that came to the shelter required extensive medical attention upon arrival. He was so large that two staff members had to carry him in, visibly taken aback by his size. This portly feline had to begin his path to shedding pounds to improve his well-being, boost his happiness, and partake in all the typical cat activities.

Credit for the image goes to spcaofwakecounty. Bazooka was on his way to a new home with a foster family who would help him shed those extra pounds and keep an eye on his health. There’s a heartwarming video showing him attempting to climb stairs, a task he eventually conquered with the encouragement of his foster parents. Over time, Bazooka adjusted to his healthier routine and began to see the weight come off.

After Bazooka recovered from his health issues, he was all set to join his new family. The moment his new owner laid eyes on him, she was smitten with the charming cat! It was a heartwarming sight to see. Before long, Bazooka was given a regal new name that suited his majestic presence – King Augustus.

Photo credits: spcaofwakecounty

We got in touch with Robin Anderson, the new owner of King Agustus, and had a chat with her. Bored Panda asked how the cat was settling in and if he had started losing weight yet. Robin mentioned, “He’s only been with us for 2 days, so no weight loss just yet. When we took him to the vet on Monday, he had actually gained a bit and was now 36.4lbs. His next vet appointment is on February 14th.”

Credit for the image goes to spcaofwakecounty. When inquired about the most challenging aspect of looking after King Augustus, the owner humorously replied, “The most difficult part is lugging him around and trying to lift his crate or him into the car. My arms ache afterward!”

Photo credit: spcaofwakecounty

Robin is a fitness enthusiast who enjoys staying active. She shared her inspiring journey to staying in shape, hoping to motivate others like Augustus. After being diagnosed with diabetes, she decided to make a change by losing weight that she had gained from taking steroids for a skin condition. Thanks to her weight loss, she was able to lower her A1C levels from 9 to 4.3 and is no longer diabetic. Robin starts her day with 4:30 am runs twice a week, covering 4-5 miles each time, and on weekends she averages 8-16 miles. She recently completed a half-marathon and has 30 more races lined up for the year. Robin is even considering getting a harness for her dog King so they can exercise together. It’s time to get moving!

A heartwarming photo captures the moment when Bazooka is picked up by his new, loving owner.

According to the owner, Augustus is currently in the process of settling into his new surroundings. They are gradually introducing him to the rest of the family, including their 10-pound dog. Robin described Augustus as a cuddly cat who enjoys belly rubs, and she is excited for the day when he feels completely at ease in their home. She also mentioned that her favorite thing about Augustus is his loud purr, comparing it to the sound of a Ford F-150 engine.

Robin shared how she came across Augustus and the quick decision she made to bring him into her home after her Maine Coon cat, Whisky, passed away. She explained that she found out about Augustus through a Facebook group called Maine Coon Rescue Community, which shares posts from different shelters and SPCAs nationwide. After seeing a post about King (Bazooka) being moved to the Wake County SPCA in her state, she knew they were meant to be together. Despite the hurdles of him not being in the computer system yet, she wasted no time in filling out the paperwork for his adoption and was ecstatic to be first in line.

Photo credits: spcaofwakecounty
Although they are still in the process of getting to know each other, we have high hopes that they will soon form a loving and happy family. Our main wish is for King Augustus to regain his health and embrace a joyful life in his fantastic new environment. Let’s all send positive vibes to Augustus and hope for his happiness to flourish more than ever before!
Check out this photo of him shedding some weight in his fresh new surroundings.

Image attribution: courtesy of spcaofwakecounty
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