Encounter the Internet Sensation: Introducing Hénri, the Feline Icon with Unique Eyebrows

Meet Henri, the feline sensation known as the Canadian cat with eyebrows. While cats typically don’t have defined eyebrow features, Henri and a select few have captured the internet’s attention with their unique facial markings.
Our team at Bored Panda recently caught up with Megan, Henri’s adoring owner. We chatted with her to learn more about her beloved cat and the special bond they share. Megan shared with us the heartwarming journey of having Henri in her home.
Although Henri has gained fame online, he remains a happy and cherished pet in Megan’s care. Dive into the story of Henri, his distinctive dark markings resembling eyebrows, and the loving relationship he and Megan have built together.
For more heartwarming moments, check out Henri’s adventures on Instagram.

Woman hugging white cat with eyebrows

Meet Henri, the charming cat with distinctive “eyebrows” who resides in Canada with his devoted owner Megan.
Image credits: mycatwith-eyebrows
Curious about how Henri became Megan’s feline companion, we asked her to share the story. Megan shared, “It was during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, right after I turned 18. After years of pleading for a cat – despite my parents being lifelong dog lovers – they finally agreed to let me have one! Being a strong advocate for adopting and rescuing animals, I immediately began searching local humane societies and shelters for kittens. Just a few days into my search, I stumbled upon Henri (then known as Minx) and his siblings at the nearest humane society. I wasted no time in submitting my application! Following some virtual interviews with the shelter staff to ensure he was a good match, I was thrilled to find that Henri’s personality and demeanor were exactly what I was looking for.”
Do Cats Truly Possess Eyebrows? Meet Henri, the Feline Phenomenon!

White cat with eyebrows licking his nose

Henri stands out with his predominantly white coat, highlighted by a black tail and two eyebrow-like markings. These unique features give him a range of expressions, from concern to surprise, adding depth to his already expressive face. However, there’s more to Henri than just his distinctive appearance. He is a charming cat with a whole range of facial expressions, making him truly one of a kind.

White cat with black tail and eyebrows

Henri’s charming personality shines through with his unique, expressive eyebrows that give him a comedic look. These funny eyebrows just add to his already emotional face, making him stand out even more. Henri has captured the hearts of many, especially his loving owner, Megan. Even though he was separated from his mother at a young age, Henri found a loving home and a furry companion in Megan’s cat, Chihiro. This cute little cat with eyebrows has a quirky and endearing personality that has made him a beloved member of his new family.

White kitten with black tail and eyebrows

Henri’s parents are Turkish Van cats, but it’s unclear if they have the same distinctive facial markings as him. Megan reminisced about the day she adopted Henri, recalling how the interviewer chose her because of her genuine love for cats and eagerness to welcome her first feline companion. Despite fierce competition from other applicants, Megan felt incredibly grateful to have Henri in her life. Henri, the charming cat with eyebrows, truly stole her heart.

White kitten with black tail and eyebrows on humans' laps

Henri and his siblings were given up for adoption when they were just a few weeks old. Fortunately, they found a loving caretaker in Megan who showered them with love. Henri, one of the internet’s famous funny cats with eyebrows, always manages to elicit surprised and amused reactions from people who meet him. Megan shared that Henri’s eyebrow markings give him a unique and expressive look, often tricking people into thinking he’s experiencing real emotions. However, once they realize it’s just his adorable markings, Henri becomes a source of laughter and love for everyone. In person, Henri’s clumsiness and quirky expressions make him even more endearing, especially when he gives guests a shocked and concerned stare from his cat tower. Henri truly is a cute and entertaining cat with eyebrows that bring joy to all who meet him.

White cat with black eyebrows on the field wearing red collar and blue leash

Megan had a strong urge to bring a cat into her home, and the bond between her and Hénri was immediate.
Image credits: mycatwitheyebrows
When asked about the origins of the name Henri, Megan shared a quirky story. She grew up in Ontario but had a deep love for the ocean, spending a lot of time in Quebec with her family. The name came from a person who once dog-sat for them in a small Quebec town. Although the moment wasn’t particularly memorable, Megan’s family found humor in the way the name was pronounced with a French accent, making it an inside joke. When selecting a name, Megan wanted something that conveyed a sense of sophistication and masculinity, which is why Henri was the perfect fit.
Encountering a “Cat With Eyebrows” for the First Time

Persons' hand holding cat with black eyebrows

When Megan encountered Henri, the adorable cat sporting unique eyebrow markings, she couldn’t help but be drawn to his petite size, which made his distinct facial features even more pronounced.
Image credits: mycatwitheyebrows

White cat with black eyebrows standing on a sink

Credit for the image goes to mycatwitheyebrows. Megan emphasizes Henri’s enduring charm as he gets older: “I always look forward to coming home to Henri because I know he’ll never fail to bring a smile to my face with his expressions. He absolutely adores having guests over, he thrives on the extra company and meeting new people. Whether it’s my parents dropping by or new friends and relatives, Henri is always eager to greet them and mark his territory with his scent!” Let Those Tiny Paw Eyebrows Take a Break

White cat with black tail and eyebrows lying on the couch

Adorable little Henri catching some z’s! Based on typical cat sleeping habits, it looks like this cutie is enjoying his snooze time without any interruptions.
Image credits: mycatwitheyebrows
Having Fun with Little Henri

White cat with black eyebrows playing with the toys

Photo courtesy of mycatwitheyebrows
Henri the cat looking annoyed at… You?

Grumpy white cat with black eyebrows

Sometimes, when Henri looks at people, he genuinely seems concerned, which is quite entertaining considering his dark “eyebrows” add to the expression. Many cats have unique markings, but Henri’s story went viral, leaving us curious about how Megan feels about the attention her beloved feline friend with eyebrows is receiving. Megan shared her feelings, expressing overwhelming gratitude for the sudden fame that came their way. With a viral video boasting almost 3 million views, she reflects on the unpredictable nature of the internet and social media. The rapid pace and saturation of online platforms make the cat’s widespread appeal all the more surreal. Megan acknowledges that while she isn’t entirely surprised by Henri’s popularity, she certainly didn’t anticipate it. This unexpected turn of events serves as a reminder of the unpredictable outcomes that can stem from sharing content online.

White cat with black tail and eyebrows

He can be a little reserved and has a tendency to chew with his mouth open.
Photo courtesy of mycatwitheyebrows
Adorable and amusing snapshot of Henri

White cat with black tail and eyebrows

Biting down on something is Henri’s way of soothing himself, and it gives the appearance that he’s engaging in a conversation.
Photo courtesy of mycatwitheyebrows
Henri’s Amusing Encounter

White cat with black eyebrows showing a tongue

Henri has unique quirks and tends to be a bit clumsy at times. He is often seen happily kneading on blankets, which is his favorite way to relax. Credits to mycatwitheyebrows for capturing his adorable moments.

White cat with black tail and eyebrows lying on blue blanket

One of Henri’s cherished hobbies is kneading on blankets, a pastime he can happily spend hours doing. Image credits: mycatwitheyebrows.

White cat with black tail and eyebrows standing on the windowsill

One of Henri’s favorite hobbies is lounging by the window, watching the world outside and possibly giving us his adorable “judgy” look with those expressive eyebrows of his. Photo courtesy of mycatwitheyebrows. Henri is Megan’s cherished sidekick and loyal companion.

White cat with black tail and eyebrows sitting on the bed

We were curious to discover what brings joy to Henri the cat and how Megan ensures his contentment. According to her, Henri is generally a happy feline as long as he can catch some Z’s or have some company. His love for blankets knows no bounds – old, new, any kind will do! He enjoys kneading and purring while snuggled up in blankets. Megan always makes sure there’s a cozy spot for him with a blanket, even in the heat. Although not a skilled climber, Henri finds comfort lounging on his cat tree. He’s a laid-back fellow who marches to the beat of his own drum. To keep him and his feline companions entertained, Megan regularly changes up their toys and furniture layout. This strategy seems to be keeping them engaged and content.

Person petting a white cat with black eyebrows

Henri is an incredible source of support for Megan, helping her navigate through her mental health challenges. Megan values the bond she shares with her feline companion, finding comfort and solace in their relationship. Despite struggling with mental illness, her cats play a crucial role in keeping her grounded and motivated. Creating an account for Henri was initially a way to share his photos with loved ones without overwhelming them, but it has since blossomed into a platform where he spreads joy and warmth to a wider audience. Megan believes that Henri possesses a special charm that attracts others towards him, and she is grateful for the love and appreciation he receives from his growing fan base.

Two cats sleeping while hugging each other

Henri also has a furry friend named Chihiro by his side, as seen in the image credits to mycatwitheyebrows. When asked about their relationship, Megan shared, “Yes! I’ve always had a variety of small pets and now have Chihiro as Henri’s companion. I took careful steps to introduce another cat to Henri’s space, researching and going slow. Matching their genders, they initially communicated through the door before finally meeting. Surprisingly, they hit it off right away! Henri is mellow, enjoying his naps and grooming, while Chihiro is more energetic and outgoing. Together, they balance each other out perfectly!” Henri and Chihiro enjoy their time outside as well.

Two cats in the stroller

“They have become inseparable now. Whenever I try to leave the room with one of them, the other starts screaming! They are so attached, always cuddling together on their favorite chair or my bed. Henri seems thrilled to have a brother, always eager to explore new things and make friends with other pets. They are truly the sweetest cats.”

Two cats in the stroller

Image credits: mycatwitheyebrows

We were curious about the outdoor escapades Megan’s felines relish, and here’s what she shared with us: “I’m a nature enthusiast and love being outdoors. When the weather is nice, you’ll most likely find me outside, and whenever possible, I try to involve my cats in my adventures! Bird watching is one of my favorite activities, and it seems like my cats enjoy it just as much as I do. Harness training is on my list for them in the future, but for now, they’re getting accustomed to their stroller, which they’re enjoying. I’m also looking forward to setting up a catio soon! I believe it’s important to keep cats indoors for their safety and the protection of local wildlife and ecosystems. However, I understand how crucial it is for cats to have outdoor experiences for their well-being and enrichment.”

White cat with black eyebrows wearing a black leash

Credit for the image goes to my cat with unique eyebrows.

White cat with black eyebrows wearing a black leash

Photo courtesy: mycatwitheyebrows
Megan enjoying the company of her adorable felines in the great outdoors

Woman with a cat in the stroller

Credit for the image goes to mycatwitheyebrows.

Woman with a cat in the stroller

Photo courtesy of mycatwitheyebrows
Megan cradling Henri tenderly in her embrace

Woman holding a white cat with a black tail and eyebrows

Photo courtesy of mycatwitheyebrows
Megan and Henri gazing out the window

Woman holding a white cat with a black tail and eyebrows

Photo credit: mycatwitheyebrows
Even though Henri’s story became popular online, he is still a happy and beloved pet.

Woman holding a white cat with a black tail and eyebrows

Photo courtesy of mycatwitheyebrows

Despite facing some hurdles early on, Henri has finally found his perfect home with Megan and his feline friend, Chihiro. While Henri may be known for his humorous antics online, he is first and foremost a happy and beloved pet in real life. Megan sometimes entertains the idea of bringing another cat into their family, so there may be a chance for Henri to have another furry companion in the future.

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