Encounter the Mesmerizing White Feline with Unique Dual-Colored Eyes Thanks to a Rare Genetic Anomaly

Originally from Derbyshire, England, Olive is not your average cat. With her unique combination of dual-colored eyes and all-white fur, this 4-year-old feline has captivated the attention of social media users everywhere.

Olive has a genetic condition that means both her eyes are different-colored. (Caters News)

Olive, a unique Oriental crossbreed cat, possesses a rare genetic condition known as sectoral heterochromia. This condition results in her eyes being divided into two stunning colors; half yellow and half blue. Despite being initially unaware of Olive’s exceptional eyes, her owner Kim fell in love with her not just for her appearance, but for her charming personality as well. As Olive grew older, her captivating dual-toned eyes became one of her most alluring features, earning her a loyal following on Instagram as Odd Eyed Olive. Olive’s almond-shaped eyes and white coat, coupled with her heterochromia, make her a truly special and beloved companion.

Olive has a condition called sectoral heterochromia, where her eyes are divided into blue and yellow hemispheres. (Caters News)

Olive has a rare condition called sectoral heterochromia, where her eyes are uniquely split into blue and yellow sections, making her stand out from the rest. Kim decided to bring Olive home to add to their furry family of three other kittens, hoping for a lively addition to the bunch.

With over 18,000 followers on Instagram, Olive is often seen hanging out with her “boyfriend” Charlie, who also sports captivating blue eyes. The two of them can be spotted cuddling from time to time, showcasing their bond.

One thing that sets Olive apart is her love for cake over traditional cat treats. Despite this unique preference, Olive is just like any other cat of her breed in many ways. Kim mentioned that Olive is a mischievous kitty who gets jealous when attention is diverted to other felines. She enjoys massages, belly rubs, chin rubs, and all sorts of affectionate gestures.

In an interview with Cat Reporter, Kim shared that Olive is a typical cat in many aspects, like her fascination with boxes, bird-watching while making cute ‘ek ek ek’ sounds, and playfully attacking feather toys. Olive’s personality shines through in both her distinctive features and common cat behaviors, making her a beloved member of the family.

(Caters News)

Medical News Today explains that heterochromia of the eye is a result of variations in the distribution and levels of melanin, a pigment that provides color to eyes, hair, and skin. This peculiar condition can be observed in both humans and animals. The term heterochromia is derived from the Greek words héteros, meaning different, and chróma, meaning color.
In Olive’s case, she has a rare form of heterochromia known as sectoral heterochromia. This condition is exceptionally uncommon, especially among all-white cats, who often exhibit complete heterochromia with differently colored eyes. Olive’s irises each display distinct colors, with one eye featuring a blue hemisphere and the other a yellow one, rather than the usual spotty or diffuse patterns seen in some cats and individuals.

(Caters News)

The reason behind Olive’s unique eyes can be attributed to cat genetics. Normally, all kittens are born with blue eyes that eventually change color as they age. However, some cats, like Olive’s friend Charlie, maintain their blue eyes for life.
Despite the fact that some white cats with blue eyes may have a higher risk of deafness, Olive has perfect hearing. Additionally, her vision is not affected by her distinct eye color, as reported by Cat Reporter.
Even though Olive may have different-colored eyes, her admirers see her as nothing but beautiful. Share your own stories with us at [email protected].

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