Encounter the Record-Breaking Feline: The 26-Year-Old Cat Rescued from a Shelter

Corduroy, a mischievous elderly cat at 26 years old (121 in cat years), refuses to let his age slow him down. Holding the title of the world’s oldest living cat according to the Guinness World Records, he still enjoys jumping onto countertops and exploring the outdoors. Adopted from an Oregon shelter when his owner Reed Okura was just 7 years old, this half Maine Coon cat continues to thrive.

Despite being on a special diet to maintain his kidney health, Corduroy remains in remarkably good shape. Reed attributes his longevity to not declawing him and allowing him to roam outdoors. This freedom to hunt and exercise has kept Corduroy sharp, even though he may not be as quick as he once was.

Reed expresses gratitude for Corduroy’s companionship, having grown up with him by her side. She hopes to continue providing him with a happy and healthy life for years to come. Corduroy’s story is shared on Instagram, where fans can follow along with his adventures.


He now proudly boasts the Guinness World Record for being the oldest living cat in the world.


Corduroy is celebrating his 26th birthday, or should we say his 121st birthday in cat years! Can you believe how time flies for our furry little friend?


He continues to behave like a young person.


Reed mentioned that Corduroy doesn’t behave according to his age as he still leaps onto counters and jumps down.


Each evening, he gracefully ascends the staircase and cuddles up on our bed to sleep with us. Without fail, he rouses us from our slumber around 5am every morning.


I am convinced that the reason he has lived so long is because we chose not to declaw him and allowed him the freedom to roam outside.


“He found a way to protect himself and stay sharp by engaging in the pursuit of hunting, which challenged both his physical and mental abilities.”


“Corduroy may not be as nimble as he used to be, but he can still catch critters – just not as efficiently as before. Thankfully, he is still able to do it.”


The feline has a calm demeanor and enjoys snuggles and relaxing in the warmth of the sun!


He appreciates the interactions and recognition he receives from others, and shows a relaxed and patient attitude towards children.


Reed welcomed Corduroy into his life when he was just a young child of 7 years old.


Having Corduroy in our family has truly been a privilege. It’s hard to imagine my life without him now that he’s a part of it.


“I consider him a fantastic partner, and my wish is to provide him with a joyful and thriving life for many more years to come.”


Crème Puff holds the record for the oldest cat ever at 38 years old, so Corduroy still has a lot of golden years left to enjoy! If you’re feeling inspired, why not share your own stories on Bored Panda? Be sure to follow Bored Panda on Google News for more interesting content!

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