Encountering Luna: A Stunning Ragdoll Mix Rescued With Eyes as Deep as the Ocean

Every single cat has beautiful eyes, with some even sporting captivating green hues. Luna, in particular, boasts a mesmerizing shade of sea green that seems to draw everyone in. Despite now gaining popularity online for her striking gaze and picturesque poses, Luna had a tough beginning. She was discovered on Petfinder by her loving owner, who rescued her from a cat shelter where her life was in jeopardy.

Luna, born on July 13, 2018, resides in sunny California with her loving cat mom. From the moment she was adopted, it was clear that Luna had a natural talent for captivating the camera with her charm. She’s always ready to show off her posing skills, making every photo opportunity a delightful experience!

I can’t get enough of how the shadow creates the illusion of Luna rocking flawlessly winged cat eyeliner…

luna the rescue ragdoll

She is incredibly kind and her owner mentioned to me how Luna enjoys sticking to her like a shadow as they move from room to room in their house.

Luna the rescue ragdoll

Similar to many Ragdoll cats, Luna is delightful and loving. She adores cuddling and enjoys playing with her toys as well.

I adore her cute pink nose that perfectly compliments her adorable pink paw pads!
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I could gaze into her captivating eyes for hours on end!

Observing the feathered friends flitting around outside her house is also something she thoroughly enjoys!

Luna, you are undoubtedly one of the most stunning gray tuxedo cats I have ever laid eyes on!

Just chillin’ and relaxing!

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