Exploring the City: A Deaf Cat’s Adventures on Wheels with Her Father in London

Introducing Sigrid, the charming cat in London who adores bikes!
Even though she cannot hear, she has won over the hearts of Londoners as the most beloved furry celebrity in the city.

sigrid 13

Residents of London may have already seen a beautiful white furball roaming the streets with grace. You can often find her sitting in a bicycle basket, charming passersby with her meows and occasional hisses – not just towards dogs, but even towards cats and children!

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Travis, Sigrid’s loyal human friend, shared with us that she has a strong aversion towards dogs and he always keeps a close watch on her to stop her from chasing after innocent puppies.

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Travis told We Love Cats and Kittens about how he has been taking his cat for walks since she was a little kitten. They would go to different places like the beach and have picnics in Golden Gate Park when they lived in San Francisco. However, instead of immediately considering a kitty stroller for broader adventures, that wasn’t the first idea that came to mind for Travis.

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In the midst of the pandemic, Travis discovered comfort in biking and eventually invited Sigrid along for a ride one day. He was thrilled to see how eagerly she embraced the adventure with excitement.

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Today, Sigrid confidently insists on her usual bike rides by loudly meowing to make sure she is heard.

sigrid 10

She loves being in the spotlight, drawing in people who can’t help but show her love and admiration. And doesn’t she just exude that Diva energy!

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Just like the superstar she is, Sigrid humbly acknowledges the praise, enjoying the well-deserved spotlight.

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Throughout her journey, she has garnered a large following, with even the renowned actress Helena Bonham Carter among her fans. Her TikTok account has accumulated an impressive 232 million views. Travis confidently declares that Sigrid has no fear and fully embraces every aspect of this dynamic city, including its unpredictable weather.

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But Sigrid’s thirst for adventure goes far beyond the streets of London. “We’ve already traveled around 3,000 miles!” her enthusiastic owner proudly declares.

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They have thoroughly navigated the streets and hidden gems of London, and have gone on thrilling adventures to Cambridge, Brighton, Godalming, Liverpool, and Edinburgh, with many more places still waiting to be uncovered.

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After an exciting journey, Sigrid relaxes and unwinds in her own special way.

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She takes pleasure in looking out of windows, taking multiple naps, and even kneading her father’s beard to make a few homemade treats.

sigrid beard

Travis describes how Sigrid isn’t a fan of heavy meals like other cats and instead enjoys nibbling on dry food throughout the day. When she was a kitten, Sigrid used to have fun playfully facing off with her own reflection, creating a playful rivalry with the mysterious white kitty that always showed up in the mirror.

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In modern times, this sophisticated resident of London enjoys relaxing by visiting a nearby pub from time to time, leisurely settling into a chair wherever she happens to be.

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Let’s raise our glasses to this wonderful pair, hoping for many more miles of travel, exciting adventures, and the happiness they bring to everyone they meet. May they continue to spread joy not just in London, but wherever their journeys take them.Cheers to this dynamic duo!

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Take a look at the video down below:
We want to express our gratitude towards Travis and Sigrid for sharing their story with us.

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