Incredible Recovery: Kitten Receives Eye Patch and Thrives One Month post-Rescue

Miracle Kitten Gets Eye Patch to Help Him Heal, Now a Month After Rescue...

A cute little tuxedo kitten named Scar may have lost an eye, but he certainly hasn’t lost his spirit. Thanks to a custom-made eye patch, Scar is not only healing but thriving with his newfound ‘cattitude’.
This feisty feline was discovered in a far-off location, miles away from any signs of civilization. When marine biologist Savannah Anas heard about Scar’s situation, she and her trusted friend immediately set out on a rescue mission to help the one-eyed wonder.

When they arrived, they were surprised to see that the kitten had both eyes, although one was severely swollen and infected, oozing pus. Savannah shared with Love Meow that they were in a race against time to save the little one as the infection was dangerously close to reaching his brain. After a three-hour drive to the nearest vet, they received a devastating prognosis.

The vet determined that the kitten needed urgent surgery to remove the infected eye. However, due to his young age and small size, there were concerns about whether he would survive the procedure. “Scar was just two weeks old and weighed only 8.5 oz, making it impossible for the vet to monitor him properly during the surgery,” Savannah told Love Meow, adding that it was an extremely risky operation.

(Source: Love Meow)

Instagram handle: feline_fighter_with_eyepatch

It was their only shot at saving the tiny feline. The vet gave a 50/50 chance of survival after surgery, so they took the leap of faith and supported him every step of the way. “He was such a resilient little kitty, but I was terrified of losing him when I left him at the vet’s for surgery. I couldn’t hold back the tears in the parking lot.”

Fortunately, the courageous tuxedo cat made it through the operation with flying colors. “The moment I cradled him post-surgery, he let out his first purr.”

Instagram account cat_with_the_eyepatch shared a heartwarming story about Scar, a cat who accidentally removed his stitches while sleeping on his first night home. To help him protect his eye, owner Savannah reached out for solutions and her friend Jarrett Seiler offered to make him an eye patch. Jarrett’s kind gesture left Savannah touched by his generosity and support for Scar’s healing journey.

Instagram user cat_with_the_eyepatch skillfully created a bespoke eye patch with his name on it for the tuxedo cat. With the kitty’s approval, the eye patch was proudly worn. Later, Scar perched on Jarrett for a cozy snuggle session.

Jarrett Seiler @jarrettjseiler shared a heartwarming update: “A week post-operation, Scar began to suckle on the bottle all on his own, no more syringe feeding,” Savannah revealed to Love Meow. Witnessing his playful and affectionate nature flourishing with each passing day, she was reassured that he was on the road to recovery.
Scar’s fondness for his human mom is evident as he trails her every step of the way, even during trips to the beach where he joyfully explores the surroundings as if he is the ruler of his own little world!

Instagram user @cat_with_the_eyepatch shared that Scar, the adorable kitten, is not only loving and playful, but also great with dogs of all sizes, other cats, and humans. Scar enjoys play dates, adventures, and is well-behaved at home. According to his owner, Savannah, Scar is a pro at traveling and adapting to new surroundings. In a recent post, Scar was pictured emulating a cheetah during a beach run.

Instagram user cat_with_the_eyepatch is celebrating the six-week-old kitten who has defied the odds and is thriving. Thanks to his stylish eyepatch, Scar is on the road to recovery and embracing his adventurous life with enthusiasm.

Instagram handle @cat_with_the_eyepatch features Scar, who enjoys leisurely strolls on the sandy shoreline alongside his beloved human mom :).

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