Introducing Melissa: The Brainy Feline with a Flair for Tongue-Wagging

One of the most beloved photos of Albert Einstein online shows the famous scientist playfully sticking out his tongue at the camera. In Russia, there is an equally adorable kitty named Melissa who seems to mimic Einstein’s iconic pose by sticking out her own tongue all the time.
Melissa, a Scottish fold, is owned by Alina Esther, a photographer based in Russia. While some cats stick their tongues out due to missing teeth, Esther assures that Melissa has all her teeth intact. On the other hand, another internet sensation, Lil’ Bub, sticks out his tongue due to missing teeth.
Esther has a collection of charming photos featuring Melissa, but she also showcases other artistic work on her social media accounts. Be sure to check out her photography and stay updated on her cute cat adventures!
For more information, you can visit Alina Esther’s profiles on 500px, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and her website







No need to be concerned, her ability to speak is perfectly fine!


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