“Moggy the Dino Cat: A Feline’s Journey to Walk Like a T-Rex”

Following a shocking incident that led to a cat losing its front paws and tail due to an electric shock, the determined feline now moves around by walking on its hind legs, resembling a T-Rex. Able, a brown and white cat from Chiang Mai, Thailand, adapts to his new way of getting around after the accident with loose wires. Despite the challenges he faces, the brave kitten has been taken care of and continues to live his life just like any other cat.

Able was just a tiny one-year-old kitty when a deafening noise startled the neighbors, making them believe a bomb had gone off. The little cat was struck by hundreds of volts, causing severe damage to his tail and two front paws, rendering him immobile on the ground. It was Walai Sriboonvorakul, a 49-year-old resident, who discovered Able, who is now three years old, stranded in an alley about a week after the incident. With her care and dedication, Able slowly recovered, and now, two years later, he has fully healed. He has even picked up some new skills, such as navigating stairs, chasing after other felines, and leaping up walls in a unique kangaroo-like fashion.

'Able' gets around by walking like a T-Rex after his front legs were 'fried off' by loose electric wires. The cat's gait resembles how the dino moves and Able's 'fried off' arms are even similar to the shrunken limbs of the frightening beast 

Able the cat, who lost his front legs due to loose electric wires, now moves around by walking in a manner reminiscent of a T-Rex. The way he walks is similar to the movements of the ancient dinosaur, with his shortened arms resembling the smaller limbs of the prehistoric creature.

Able was disfigured after the horrific incident that happened in the streets of Chiang Mai, Thailand

In addition to walking like a T-Rex, the three-year-old cat hops like a kangaroo

Able was left with physical deformities following a terrible incident on the streets of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Despite his unique way of walking like a T-Rex, this three-year-old cat also has an impressive hop reminiscent of a kangaroo.

According to Ms. Sriboonvorakul, Able is truly a remarkable cat. His name was chosen because he is able to do everything just like any other animal. The unfortunate incident involved him getting electrocuted by wires, resulting in a loud bang that sounded like an explosion. The powerful electricity caused Able to lose his legs and tail.

Initially struggling with his injuries and the pain, Able quickly adapted and learned to stand and balance on his hind legs. Despite his challenges, he is incredibly resilient and able to walk up and down stairs, engage in playful chasing matches with other cats by bouncing like a mini kangaroo, and even jump high up walls and ledges.

The electric shock was so loud that neighbours thought a bomb had gone off. Able was rescued by Walai Sriboonvorakul, who found him lying in an alley 

The loud sound of an electric shock startled the neighbors, who initially thought it was an explosion. Able, a cat, was found by Walai Sriboonvorakul in an alley and was rescued. Since being taken in by the family, Able has received plenty of love and food to nurse him back to health. Ms. Sriboonvorakul and her son Copter, 26, have allowed Able to freely explore the garden and outside area, but when he strays too far, he is bullied by other stray dogs and cats. As a result, Able now stays indoors in their two-story home, where he enjoys running to Copter’s bedroom every morning to wake him up. Copter considers Able as part of the family, describing himself as Able’s big brother. They play games together and Able is now a pampered cat with a loving home despite losing his legs.

Able struggled at first but the brave cat has adapted quickly. Not only can he hop around but is able to jump over high walls

Able faced challenges in the beginning, but this courageous feline quickly adjusted. Now, he not only moves around with ease but also effortlessly leaps over tall barriers.

Able is now considered part of the Sriboonvorakul  family and is kept inside their two storey home

Able has officially become a member of the Sriboonvorakul household, where he now resides comfortably within their cozy two-story house.

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