Old Feral Cat Who Wouldn’t Let Anyone Touch Him, Now Can’t Stop Cuddling With His New Mommy

Old Feral Cat Who Wouldn’t Let Anyone Touch Him, Now Can’t Stop Cuddling With His New Mommy

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Sadly, feral cats don’t usually live long on the streets, and it’s even more unusual that a senior feral cat gets adopted. However, there’s one cat who defied the odds and proved that age is just a number when it comes to finding love and a forever home.

Mr. B was an alpha male of a small colony of ferals, wandering the streets for over a decade. Although rescuers tried to catch him, he just seemed to prefer the freedom of the outdoors.

feral cat
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Then one day, something within him changed. He made a significant move and walked into a trap. Perhaps his age caught up, or he just got tired of the constant struggle. Whatever the reason, this decision changed his life forever.

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A kind woman named Lindsey took charge of Mr. B’s care. Despite his advanced age and several health issues, she believed he could get better. In an interview for the Dodo, she shared:

“When Mr. B finally walked into the trap, I think he realized he needed help and that maybe we were gonna help him… I remember him looking at me through that trap, like, with his big old eyes, just looking at me like, ‘All right, what next?’”

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Mr. B’s poor condition was apparent from the start. Besides ear mites, his veins were worn out and he had a bad case of mange. Then the most devastating news came when the vet revealed the poor thing was positive for FIV.

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Despite all odds, Lindsey refused to give up on him. She saw in his eyes that he was willing to fight. This made her even more determined to give him the love and care he desperately needed, sharing:


“I went back to pick him up and I just looked at him and he had this look in his eyes that was telling me that he had a little bit of fight left in him.”

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It wasn’t easy for Lindsey to take care of Mr. B, as he wasn’t socialized and wouldn’t let anyone touch him. She knew she needed to be patient and creative, so she came up with an idea – to scratch him with a wooden spoon through the bars of his crate.

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At first, Mr. B was wary, but over time, he began to relax and enjoy this kind of petting. Each scratch helped Lindsey earn the trust of her furry friend. Recalling the moment with tears in her eyes, she shared:

“I started to use a wooden spoon to kind of scratch his paw or scratch his back. And after a few weeks of that, he started to trust me. It was amazing. It was an incredible experience. Just talking about it is emotional.”



Lindsey then replaced the wooden spoon with a garden glove to treat Mr. B’s ears. As days turned into weeks, his health improved and his spirit cheered up. Being able to hold him in her arms, Lindsey realized he truly deserved to be an indoor cat, sharing:

“All of a sudden, though, as he was getting better, he was really enjoying what I offered, him he was enjoying being pet. I realized at that point that he could stay indoors forever and maybe he did deserve an indoor retirement.”



The perfect opportunity arose when a woman named Jenna De Christofaro reached out. Touched by Mr. B’s resilience, Jenna offered to open her home and heart to him. Reflecting on their first encounter, she shared:

“I cried when I saw him. We brought him up to my apartment and let him roam around. Just thinking about the moment I get teary because it was so special. I wanted him to live a good long happy life and I wanted to be a part of that.”

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From the moment he stepped paw into his new home, Mr. B found comfort and love. With endless affection from his new pawrent, he started to open up, and the shadows of his past faded away. Jenna shared:

“I would play a lot of classical music, I would sing to him, and just a lot of TLC, and he just really opened up. He’s just so open to love.”

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Once the untouchable old feral, Mr. B now just can’t stop cuddling with this mommy. He’s even discovered his musical side and his unique singing skills fill their home with so much fun. As Jenna shares:


“He also sings a lot which is probably my favorite part about him. He has a different song for each emotion. I love it so much. It’s so unique.”

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Mr. B’s story shines a light on senior cats, senior FIV-positive cats, as well as all ferals. It also highlights the kindness and dedication of those who offer a helping hand, prompting us to wonder what we can do to make a difference in their precious lives.

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