Purr-fectly Imperfect: Internet Sensation Muni the Cross-Eyed Cat’s Rise to Fame

A Siamese cat with a unique crossed-eye feature has captured the hearts of many online after her owner, Ani Hovsepian, shared adorable videos of her lounging around the house. Muni, born in 2012 and rescued from the streets of Armenia, has no trouble navigating her surroundings despite her crossed eyes. However, Ani mentioned that her quirk has slightly hindered Muni’s mouse-catching skills.

Muni (pictured), 3, was most likely abandoned by her previous owner because of her cross-eyed appearance

The cat, named Muni, has cross eyes

Muni (shown in the picture above), who is 3 years old, was probably left behind by her previous owner due to her unique cross-eyed look.

Muni the cross-eyed Siamese cat wears a Christmas hat while relaxing at home during the festive season

During the holiday season, Muni, the Siamese cat with crossed eyes, lounges at home wearing a festive Christmas hat.

Ani Hovsepian came across Muni while she was wandering the streets of Armenia, and decided to take her in as her owner. Muni, despite being cross-eyed, still manages to get by without any major issues with her vision, although it does hamper her ability to catch bugs or flies. In fact, she often ends up missing her target altogether. Like most cats, Muni enjoys lounging around and relaxing, as seen in various videos capturing her sprawled out on furniture and floors. Ani Hovsepian has lovingly captured her pet’s leisurely lifestyle in these recordings. Despite her unique appearance, Ani believes that Muni was likely abandoned because of her eyes. Ani feels lucky to have such a special cat in her life and notes that Muni has grown to enjoy the attention, even displaying a bit of diva behavior since becoming a social media star.

Ms Hovsepian said that whoever owned her 'didn't realise how lucky they were to have such a special cat'

Ms. Hovsepian expressed that the person who owned her did not fully appreciate the specialness of the cat they had.

Muni lies on a bed with a flower on her head in this adorable photograph, taken by her owner

Muni is seen resting on a bed with a lovely flower adorning her head in this charming photo captured by her loving owner.

Ms Hovsepian claimed that while Muni's cross eyes did not affect her vision, she had difficulty catching mice

Ms. Hovsepian mentioned that even though Muni’s crossed eyes did not impact her eyesight, she struggled with catching mice.

She also claimed that since she started taking photos of Muni, her pet had turned into quite a 'diva'

Muni is pictured lazing around in her owner's home in Armenia

According to her, ever since she began capturing images of her pet Muni, he has transformed into quite the ‘drama queen’.

Like many other cats, Muni is playful and lazy but her crossed eyes mean she has difficultly catching mice

Similar to most felines, Muni is known for her playful and laid-back nature. However, her crossed eyes make it challenging for her to efficiently catch mice.

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