The Adventures of a Shelter Cat: A Sweet Addition to a Couple’s Journey!

Erin Geldermans, a resident of Colorado, always had a desire to have a pet cat of her own. Unfortunately, due to family members being allergic to cats, this dream was never realized during her childhood. However, everything changed when a friend sent her a picture of an adorable ginger and white kitten that was available for adoption at the Rifle Animal Shelter.
Immediately captivated by the kitten’s charm, Erin, along with her boyfriend Dan Schreck, visited the shelter and fell in love with the little feline. They decided to bring him into their family and named him Liebchen, a German term for ‘sweetheart’. Liebchen quickly became their beloved new Adventure Cat.

liebchen adventure cat

Erin fondly recalled the trip back home, stating that the moment they met their new furry family member, he immediately blended in effortlessly. From that point on, he became inseparable from them, forming a strong bond right off the bat. Little did they know, this cute ball of fur would end up making a significant impact on their lives.

liebchen rescue cat

When they first tried putting a harness on him, he got really excited and started playing with his toys. So they decided to attach a leash and take him out for his inaugural walk.

According to Erin from We Love Cats and Kittens, “Once we tried the leash and harness on him, he took to it immediately. We began taking him on hikes when he was just 10 weeks old, and he absolutely loved it right from the start. Since then, we’ve taken him on all sorts of adventures – from planes and road trips to boats, hikes, camping, skiing, paddling, and even swimming. There’s nothing we’ve found that he won’t give a try and enjoy!”

liebchen in cat harness

Erin explained that she believes Liebchen’s calm yet fearless demeanor stems from his upbringing. She shared with us how his mother, a stray, was taken in by a wonderful foster family with kids, dogs, and various other pets. Erin credits this incredible family and rescue experience for shaping Liebchen into the laid-back and adaptable pet he is today.

liebchen cat aspen

Erin enthusiastically shares how Liebchen has brought so much joy and positivity into their life. Despite feeling generally content, the challenges of the pandemic had started to weigh on them, like it did for countless others. Liebchen appeared in their life just when they needed a boost. Looking to embark on some fun adventures with your feline friend? Read on for some exciting ideas!

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“Meet Liebchen, our little ball of sunshine.
He exudes cheerfulness, always bright and outgoing.
Venturing out with him, he enjoys mingling with new faces.
During a time when social interactions were limited due to Covid, he helped us rekindle connections with others.”

liebchen cat cable car

Liebchen is a lively little cat who enjoys being outdoors and engaging in activities with his human companions. Erin mentions, “He encourages us to lead active and healthy lifestyles, while also inspiring us to try new things. Whether he’s up for a playful romp or a cozy snuggle, Liebchen brings so much joy into our lives that we never expected from a small furry friend.”

liebchen cat ski goggles

Due to the pandemic, Erin had more free time away from work, allowing her to dedicate whole days to training with him or simply enjoy their time together.

liebchen in cat tent

“Erin humorously remarked that he is a mix between a dog, a human, and a cat. She added that he rules over them and has completely won them over. He has truly been their savior.”

liebchen on cat backpack

According to Heather Grant, the Executive Director of Rifle Animal Shelter, Liebchen’s adoption is anything but ordinary. She describes it as a special and unique adoption experience that stands out from the rest. Grant is amazed by Liebchen’s ability to bring joy and happiness into a loving home, despite once being homeless. On average, the shelter sees around 1,400 adoptions each year and successfully reunited over 450 lost pets with their owners just last year.

tired liebchen after a day out

Erin firmly believes in the mantra of “adopt, don’t shop” since there are more than 2 million pets in the United States that are euthanized every year due to being unwanted.

liebchen cat rides in car

Erin and Dan lovingly refer to themselves as Liebchen’s “meowmmy” and “pawpaw.” They are now spreading their love for their furry friend with the world, as Liebchen has accumulated a following of over 50,000 on Instagram and 33,000 on TikTok.

erin dan and liebchen

Erin and Dan are overjoyed to have Liebchen as a part of their family. Liebchen enjoys sleeping with them every night and going on adventures with them wherever they go. They believe that Liebchen has brought them a sense of rescue and companionship.

liebchen cat portrait

Images provided by @liebchen.travels.

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