Two Bonded Shelter Cats Face Separation Until A Couple’s Surprise Plan Changes Everything

Two Bonded Shelter Cats Face Separation Until A Couple’s Surprise Plan Changes Everything

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When they arrive at a shelter, many cats tend to form a strong and inseparable bond with one of the other felines. 

Since most of them are abandoned or come from traumatic backgrounds, finding solace in another kitty seems like a natural thing to do.

Take Luna and Louis, for example. These two hit it off from day one, wrapping each other up in love and support. 

It would’ve been a real bummer if they ever got split up, but thankfully, that never happened! Here’s their story.

photo of cats hugging
Credit: YouTube
Luna and Louis have arrived at the shelter around the same time. Both of them were rather calm and shy but seemed a bit stressed, so the shelter folks decided to bunk ’em together.

They believed that being together could be extremely beneficial for them and essentially cure their anxiety and loneliness. That turned out to be a genius move!

Tightly snuggling next to each other, the two fluffs formed an immediate and undeniable bond. They did everything together – slept, ate, played, you name it. They even gave each other baths, a real sign of affection.

As they watched shelter life go by paw in paw, Luna and Louis probably dreamed of finding their forever home. Little did they know, that dream was about to come true.

two shelter cats lying together
Credit: YouTube
One day, a man named Jack came into the shelter with his fiancée, wanting to adopt a cat. They had their eye on Luna from her online picture, unaware that she had a beloved feline friend.

When they met Luna in person, it was love at first sight. They knew right then and there she was coming home with them, no ifs, ands, or buts. 

So, without hesitation, they announced their decision to the shelter workers.

cat lying
Credit: YouTube

Although they knew Jack and his fiancée would provide Luna with the best life possible, shelter workers still had their concerns. 

They understood the special bond Luna shared with Louise and feared the devastation she’d feel if they were separated. And as for Louise, he’d be heartbroken, no doubt!

But just as they were pondering how to broach the subject with Jack and his fiancée, something miraculous happened…

close-up photo of two cats hugging
Credit: YouTube

The sight of Luna and Louise snuggled together melted Jack and his fiancée’s hearts completely! They couldn’t bear the idea of separating Luna, the cat they came for, from her obvious soulmate.

So, after a quick discussion, the couple made the bold decision to adopt both cats!

The shelter staff were thrilled! Not only did they avoid an awkward conversation and the need to persuade the couple, but their favorite feline pair had finally found their forever home!

It was truly a monumental day for the shelter!

two cats looking through window
Credit: YouTube

Now settled in their new home, Luna and Louis are more than happy. Despite having the entire house to roam, they still prefer to snuggle up together. Some habits are just too hard to break!

Stories like these warm my heart. What about you? Did you enjoy it as much as I did? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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