Unlock the Quirky World of Siamese Cats: 16 Quotes Exclusive to Siamese Cat Owners!

Siamese Cats are known for their sophisticated look that may seem dressed for an elegant masquerade ball. Plus, their tanzanite-blue eyes are gorgeous!

With this cat’s affectionate and talkative personality, Siamese Cst owners are indeed lucky to share this life with them.


If you are a Siamese Cat Owner, you will surely relate to these lists of 16 quotes we’ve gathered.

Tell us which ones are your favorite!

#1 What greater gift than the love of a cat.- Charles Dickensblack and silver Siamese Cat with ocean blue eyes#2 Siamese cats are like a potato chips: you can’t have just one!- Unknown.six Siamese Cat lying on their small fluffy house#3 “Cat never strike a pose that isn’t photogenic”- Lillian Jackson Brownblack and cream Siamese Cat raising its left paw#4 People who belonged to Siamese cats must make up their minds to do a good deal of waiting upon them.- Unknown.black and cream Siamese Cat lying on top of its tower#5 A meow massages the heart.-Stuart McMillantwo Siamese Cat snuggled up with each other while sleeping#6 No matter how bad your day is…Your cat will always make you smile…-Unknownblack and cream Siamese Cat with blue eyes lying on the bed looking a plastic roses#7 Cats allows you to sleep on the bed on the edge…-Jenny de VriesSiamese Cat sleeping on the bed#8 The best therapist has fur and four legs- Unknownwhite Siamese Cat on top of a black and cream Siamese Cat#9 “Cats are connoisseurt of comfort”.-James HerriotSiamese Cat lying in between two pillows#10 The Siamese cats are considered to be unique breedaong the cat family- Unknownman holding a Siamese Cat#11 Home is where your cat is…-Unknown.two Siamese Cat lying inside a basket#12 “No animal hase more liberty than the cat…the cat is the best anarchist”- Ernest HemingwaySiamese Cat on top of a man's shoulder while is tail is covering the left eye of a man#13 “Never try to outstubborn a cat”- Robert A. HeinleinSiamese Cat inside a small toy house#14 “A cat has absolute emotional honesty”- Ernest Hemingwaytwo Siamese Cats leaning on each other#15 “People who hate cats will come back as mise in their next life”- Faye Denise ResnickSiamese Cat lying on a green grass#16 “It is in their eyes that their magic resides”- Arthur Symons

close up picture of the ocean blue eyes of a Siamese Cat


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