“The Tale of Ozzy the Cat: A Cross-Eyed Adventure”

Meet Ozzy, the cat with a unique gaze that gives him a perpetual hypnotic look, similar to Bagheera from The Jungle Book. This charming feline experienced a fall from a windowsill as a kitten, resulting in impaired sight and tunnel vision at the age of eight. Despite his vision limitations, his owners can’t help but notice the uncanny resemblance he bears to the Disney character, particularly when Bagheera was mesmerized by the snake Kaa.

Ozzy, the eight-year-old black and white cat, who is cross eyed after falling from a window sill as a kitten 

Ozzy, the adorable eight-year-old tuxedo cat, has a unique trait of being cross-eyed ever since he took a tumble from a window sill when he was just a little kitten.

Ozzy lives with his owners Ian and Evelyn McDougall in Perth, Scotland, who say that he enjoys sleeping 

Ozzy resides with his human companions, Ian and Evelyn McDougall in Perth, Scotland. They mention that Ozzy takes pleasure in napping.

Ozzy's owners say that his eyes look like that of Bagheera the panther from Disney's The Jungle Book after he is hypnotised by Kaa, the python 

Ozzy’s owners compare his eyes to those of Bagheera the panther from Disney’s The Jungle Book when he’s under Kaa the python’s hypnosis. Living with Ian and Evelyn McDougall in Perth, Scotland, Ozzy often wanders off exploring the neighborhood, sometimes getting lost due to his impaired vision. Mr. McDougall, who cares for his son with Hunters disease, believes Ozzy’s strange look is the result of falling from a windowsill and hitting his head. Describing Ozzy as having tunnel vision, Mr. McDougall finds his pet’s antics, like chasing a fly, quite comical, noting his unique character.

Ozzy the cross-eyed cat

Ozzy the cross-eyed cat

Ozzy was happily playing with his toys, much to the relief of his owners. He had gone missing for a stressful five days the previous month when he wandered off from home.

The pet was eventually found cowering under a car at the nearby Arnold Clark car dealership and had been named Arnold

The lost pet was discovered hiding under a car at the Arnold Clark car dealership nearby and was affectionately named Arnold. Despite being a bit silly at times, Arnold is very friendly and definitely a house cat. His condition doesn’t stop him from moving around the house freely, as he’s quite used to it and can even run up and down the corridor without any issues.

Recently, Arnold was found wandering around a car showroom after accidentally escaping when the front door was left open. Thankfully, the staff at the Arnold Clark garage found Arnold and contacted the Scottish SPCA, who reunited him with his grateful owners.

Ozzy with owner Ian McDougall

Ozzy the cross eyed cat

After a long period apart, he was finally reunited with his owner, Mr. McDougall, thanks to an appeal he saw on the Scottish SPCA website. Mr. McDougall explained that his cat had gone missing after his son accidentally left the door open while waiting for the school bus. They were overjoyed to have him back home. The SSPCA had shared the cat’s information on their Facebook page, leading Mr. McDougall to identify his beloved pet. Since returning, the cat has taken to sleeping in their bed, perhaps seeking security. He had gone missing three years ago, but was found later, frightened, just up the street.

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